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Writing is Discovery, Dammit!

Dammit a hundred times. The novel is now over 74,000 words, but I’ve spent the last week locking down historic characters. By that I mean, the period I’m writing about has a large cast of characters and while a few … Continue reading

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Writing is Easy, but Writing a Novel…

I’ve had my writing voice for many years. I don’t know why it evolved the way it did, but it is easy for me to express my thoughts with this style. I write very fast most of the time and … Continue reading

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Third Draft

It has taken two complete drafts of Part One and one complete draft of Part Two to reach this point. I estimate the combined writing for those drafts encompasses well over 100,000 words, and the backstory stuff is another 100,000. It has … Continue reading

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A Liberating Detachment

It has been a torturous period. The scope of this project has ebbed and flowed, and as I chisel away everything that doesn’t look like a novel I’m finding the storyline shrinking. But somehow, as it shrinks, the texture has … Continue reading

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Inspiration for a Novel

One cold and wet and dreary night I sat alone by the bedroom window of my townhouse. Since moving to Redmond, Washington, my bedtime routine included mindlessly staring into the night. There was a good view of the city center from my third story bedroom, but there was never much to … Continue reading

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