Yordie Sands, WriterMy name is Yordie Sands. I’ve written several blogs of my own and written for several other blogs. I’ve done different types of writing over the years from non-fiction to fiction and been published in both print and online magazines.

I’m also a photographer and like to think of myself as a pure photographer. My photos have been published in several print and online magazines, and I’ve been paid for a few of my published works.

I have some education in writing and literature, enough to make me increasingly aware of how much I don’t know about the craft of writing. I was educated in classical American punctuation, but prefer logical punctuation.

I’m also dyslexic and this seems to make me a slow reader. I struggle to read aloud, even my own writings, and I find it helpful to read paragraphs backwards before reading them from the beginning. OTOH, I find it easy to write; words flow out of me easily but I have to force them in, one word at a time. Go figure.

I launched this blog to document the process of discovery as I write my first novel.


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