The Monkeys 12

I’ve been a fan of the television series “12 Monkeys” and last night I watched the series finale. I’m glad the producers played this through a final season, and I feel that the entire crew handled the ending well. Even though I’m a fan I found a couple story telling devices to be overdone; for one, the constant jumping from date to date which caused me to get confused about what was actually happening on numerous occasions. Regardless, I bought all four seasons and will re-watch the series again in a few years.

Logo is owned by Syfy for 12 Monkeys

The casting was very good and I especially liked Jennifer (Emily Hampshire) and Jones (Barbara Sukowa). I also liked everyman-hero Cole (Aaron Stanford) although I didn’t care for him at first, but when I learned that he and co-star Cassie (Amanda Schull) were in love it caused me to warm-up to him quickly. Unfortunately, I feel that during the first season Cassie lacked visual credibility as a prominent CDC immunologist, although her acting was fine. The only cast member I didn’t care for was Ramses (Kirk Acevedo); he had visual credibility but seemed to be a one-trick pony as an actor until season 4 when his acting seemed to improve. Nonetheless, the whole cast seemed to work well together and made the story flow well.

One major criticism I have is that this was a 48 episode series that probably could have been told in a lot less; just saying. Maybe its the era jumping thing again, but it made the story seem overly long. My guess is that work on the production was non-stop for all four years. I liked the way the directors, writers and designers endeavored to create an intriguing time travel mechanism. I also liked many of the escapades, especially adventures woven into history. Loved the Emerson Hotel scenes and Titan was simply ominous! Of course, I love the original movie with Bruce Willis also. The Army of the 12 Monkeys is just such a fun idea.

So, bravo to this production company and thank you for a good ending.



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