A Long Break

In December I took a break from writing the novel. It was an unplanned break because I began playing the very addictive game Fallout 4 (it provide for a female protagonist… yay!) and this lead to that, and that turned into a break. For one thing, I found the game to be an adventure in storytelling. I should explain more but I should do that on Being Yordie Sands, soon.

I didn’t start writing again until February and I’m only now getting into it with the vigor needed to make it happen. In those months of doing other things I had time to let the story sort itself out, and while I still like the way it unfolds I found several problems.

Too Many Characters

This first book is intended to set the stage for a trilogy. Well, it I decide to break the first book into two then there’d be four books in total. ((Good grief! That sounds so far away right now.)) And I introduce most of those characters in this first novel with the result of having over fifty named characters, including incidental characters. So, I’ve begun culling the herd, so to speak. So far I’ve eliminated about six either through reducing their importance, writing them out or consolidating their roles into other characters. I think this will make the story easier to follow. Also, my editor suggests the use of more anchor points and I’m sure that will help.

Story Complexity

The story is seems complex, even to me and I know it so well. Nonetheless, I’ve come to believe that it flows well and those complexities contribute to suspense, but a balance that is challenging to manage. In my mind the story is comprised of thousands of threads (from my software engineering background) and those threads are constantly being woven into  historic events, character development and plot. This is hard to do and I’m troubled by the way my concept of the story has changed. It’s the kind of troubled that leads me to doubt myself.

Publishing Book I/Book II

A year ago I was hoping to publish in early 2017. HAHAHAHA! Then when I finished what now must be considered the second draft of the book, I thought I’d publish in early 2018. HAHAHA! And just a few days ago I told my editor that I’d have the final manuscript ready by June. Unfortunately, I just don’t know when I’ll finish working my way through my work list. I think June is possible, but I’m working toward turning Part I into Book I, and Part II into Book II. It seems more and more logical to me, especially when considering that I’ll make Part I/Book I a free book. Nonetheless, I’m not even sure I’ll do that now.

Writer, Author, Storyteller, Whatever

I always knew that I was working on an epic tale and now I know more of what it takes to tell such a story. Some people who’ve helped me in the early stages seemed to think that my goal was to be a published author (make that Published Author). That certainly a logical assumption, but this project was never about ‘getting published’. One person wanted to know if I want to be a ‘storyteller’ and that seemed logical to ask also, but I wasn’t comfortable with that label either. I told her I just want to get this story written. And while I want to publish it and out there for people to read, that’s not why I’m writing.  The story has been inside my head and on thousands of pages of research for over two decades now. I don’t even understand how it happened. ((Fantasticks/El Gallo: “You wonder how these things begin.”))  I’ll be happy just to get this thing out of my head. Heh.

As the Brits say, TTFN (Ta Ta For Now).



About Yordie

I'm an avatar in Second Life where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In the real world, I'm writing my debut sci-fi novel.
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