The End

The Ending is in Sight: The novel word count is 112,000 and I’m within one chapter to an ending. In two weeks I’ll send the manuscript to the editor, then there’ll be revisions. I expect it will take another month or maybe longer before I can submit a final edit. After that, I’ve been advised to let it sit for awhile as I work on the next book in the series. At first this sounded ludicrous to me, but it makes more sense now.

Book I, Book II… Again: And… I’m back to thinking about breaking out Part I (near future) into Book I, Part II (the past) would be Book II. I’d have to pull a chapter from Book II into Book I, but I think it would be a better ending anyway. So, Book I would probably run 50,000 words, Book II maybe 70,000. I’d publish them concurrently, but Book I would be an ebook and free. Still noodling it, and my editor doesn’t like the idea.

Got That Feeling Again: One thing I’m finding is that I’m regaining my ease in writing. Some of my early editors gave some good advice but I didn’t have experience to put it into perspective. Now that I’m settled on an editor I have a better sense of what works and what doesn’t.

Office/Word: Another thing, I’ve got the new Microsoft Office and Word has a much improved feature over my previous Office 2010. The Read Aloud features is much simpler to use I think and the voice is much easier to understand. This is an amazing device for finding grammar errors and finding sentences that need jiggering around. Being dyslexic means I have to labor over reading my work–yeah, even my own words–and being able to set the computer on auto-pilot, so to speak, is sure handy. I’ve already begun ‘reading aloud’ from the start of the novel and I’ve completed about 10 of the 28 chapters, and made numerous revisions.

Second Life: A guy I knew from Junkyard Blues turns out to be a published novelist. We got to chatting and he volunteered to be one of my beta readers. This will be immensely helpful as I have only two, both on again, off again. Speaking of SL, a few months ago I dropped into the Junkyard for Fiery Otaared’s bluesy gig. While she spun tunes we chatted. And she was surprised that my novel is science fiction. I suppose with my persona the expectation would be  romance or adventure, even something literary, but not sci-fi though.

Joining a Guild: I decided to join a local sci-fi writer’s guild. I filled out the application and got to the part requiring my credit card information. Ouch! After the many hacks–Equifax, Target, et al–my alert status high. So, I called the president and asked if I could simply use PayPal or just pay cash, but their system won’t allow that. And I won’t hand over my personal information to a standalone system run by a local administrator. I’m probably paranoid, but I believe online credit systems are truly at risk.

Publish Date: Anyway, my dream of publishing in 2017 is looking more like January or February of 2018. The biggest delay has been and continues to be, research; I find myself checking every damned thing. I’m disappointed that I’ll miss 2017, but living with it.



About Yordie

I'm an avatar in Second Life where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In the real world, I'm writing my debut sci-fi novel.
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