A New Dilemma

Part I of my novel is complete and I’m good with my decision to significantly change Part II. The decision is good for a lot of reasons but I find myself churning a lot of publishing ideas. The dilemma is, if I wait to finish the Part II it will take months more of writing and editing, then trying to sell the story to agent or publisher.

Part I is about 40,000 words, but I pulled a lot of material in the interest of making the two parts roughly equal in size or a total of 80,000 words for the entire novel. I’m also finding that as I write Part II, it will exceed 40,000 words. So there’s that also.

Part I has been edited or commented on by five different editors. And it’s in the hands of two beta readers at the moment. I expect I’d have to put some additional work into it to make it standalone publishable, and it might expand to 45,000 words–more of a novella.

My plan all along has been to offer Part I for free, as an introduction to my writing. So financially there’d be no loss if I just self-publish as a standalone work. I’m cognizant of the possibility that self-publishing might alienate any agents who might be interested in publishing my work; I get that. But I anticipate writing several follow-on novels with  many of the same characters. The other thing is, while Part I and Part II have the same characters, the story and locations  are very different.

Publishing Part I as a standalone would certainly make writing a story synopsis much easier. Heh. So who knows? I’m leaning toward the self-publishing option but there’s still a lot to think about though.

UPDATE 22 May: Just did the math on both parts. I’ll stick with original plan to publish a single two-part novel. Just anxious to complete this thing. Part II to is intricately connected to historic events, so the writing is demanding. What a mess. heh.



About Yordie

I'm an avatar in Second Life where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In the real world, I'm writing my debut sci-fi novel.
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