The Writing is Going Well

The first four chapters, one-third of the novel, have expanded to 20,000+ words. I find that I’m writing 3,000 words a sitting now. The only issue is, I can’t write every day but am averaging three days a week now. I’m gearing up for a push through the second third and it looks like that may run to 20,000 words, so I’m expecting this first draft may exceed 60,000 words, even 70,000.

I continue to feed my work to a couple of close friends, one friend is an avid reader of sci-fy and his comments have been especially helpful. Last night he told me that already the novel is better than 75% of the novels he’s read. That’s good considering it’s a first draft.

The hardest thing for me was abandoning wordsmithing, just writing a chapter with minimal editing and moving on. Since I broke that barrier, my biggest problem has been getting up and just walking away until another sitting. The more I become involved in doing this mind dump, the more I feel that writing a novel is a kind of mental illness you subject yourself to. Well, for me it feels that way. Not saying it’s true.


About Yordie

I'm an avatar in Second Life where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In the real world, I'm writing my debut sci-fi novel.
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2 Responses to The Writing is Going Well

  1. Great to hear the news, Yordie! 😀 I wish you Happy Holidays and may 2015 be a year filled with words and sentences and writing! Hugs!


    • Yordie says:

      Hiyas Lizzie… Great to hear from you as well. I’ve been hibernating socially, waiting till I feel like this project is actually moving forward. I haven’t even been reading blogs in the last few months, but I will again starting next year. I want to wishes you an amazing holiday and wonderful New Year in 2015. Hugs and love… Yordie 🙂


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